Recertification Exam Instructions

Diplomates seeking recertification: Please read through these instructions completely before accessing the online ABOM Recertification Application form. 

Please pay particular attention to instruction #3 as you will be required to upload a single PDF document providing evidence of continuing education.

  1.  ABOM Diplomates are required to recertify every ten years based on the date they passed the ABOM Board examination. Diplomates who fail to complete the recertification process is considered a "Diplomate not in Good Standing".
  2. The Diplomate must be in good standing in order to take the examination. Good standing requires the proper number of continuing education points and current ABOM dues paid. Verification of good standing is the responsibility of the Secretary of the ABOM.
  3. All Diplomates must a member in good standing with The American Academy of Oral Medicine.  
  4. Once your Diplomate status is due for recertification, you will be sent a renewal notice to complete an online recertification form. As part of this process, you must prepare one combined PDF document to satisfy the Continuing Education requirements and upload it to the recertification application form, and pay the recertification fee.
  5. The completed application is sent to the Board for review. Once the application is approved by the Board, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to access our online testing system, Classmarker, to complete the ABOM Recertification exam. Once you pass the exam, you will receive a renewed certification from the ABOM office.
  6. Recertification Exam Fee: $350, Retake examination fee $200 for retake 1 and $200 retake 2.  After 2 retakes the examination fee reverts to $350.
  7. Format: Electronic format - Class Marker A link to the test will be sent to all Diplomates via the ABOM office.
  8. The recertification examination is available to be taken three years prior to the expiration of current Diplomate status (i.e., every 10 years). In as much as the examination was first offered June 1, 2019, all Diplomates who received Diplomate status prior to June 2009, are required to take and successfully complete the Recertification Examination. Diplomates who passed the ABOM Board examination between June 2009 and June 2012 were expected to take the recertification examination in 2019. Candidates must pass the examination during a 3-year time frame. The passing grade is 70%. 
  9. Grading will be performed by the software, and all examinees will be notified by the ABOM Secretary of their grade within 30 days of taking the examination via e-mail.  The certificate will be sent to the examinee from the ABOM office.
  10. Other: Open resource (honor code): books, journals, and websites may be used by the examinee. Each portion has 10-15 multiple choice questions in Salivary glands/Mucosal Disease, Oral Radiology, Medically Compromised, Pharmacology, Laboratory Testing, Orofacial Pain, Oral Pathology.

ABOM Diplomate Recertification Continuing Education Requirements

Diplomates will be required to indicate that they have achieved a total of 35 points during the preceding three years (ex. if testing in 2020, please submit evidence from 2017-2019). Points are awarded for the activities listed below:

  • 1 point for each ‘Continuing Education’ hour (provide evidence)
  • 1 point for a scientific or clinical presentation (provide evidence)
  • 1 point for a published abstract as part of a scientific meeting (provide evidence)
  • 1 point for presenting a poster at a scientific meeting (provide evidence)
  • 2 points for publishing a peer-reviewed article (provide evidence)
  • 2 points per year for a part-time faculty appointment (provide evidence)
  • 2 points for publishing chapter in oral medicine (provide evidence)
  • 8 points per year for a full-time faculty appointment (provide evidence)
  • 10 points for publishing a book (provide evidence)

Complete the Recertification Exam Application